Monday, December 10, 2018

How to farm for ballistic fiber!

Quick guide on locations that almost guarantee to have some ballistic fiber on Fallout 76.

If your character build revolves around using armor you will need to farm up a lot of ballistic fibers for repairing that gear's durability. Here are a bunch of locations that should generally always have junk items that turn into ballistic fibers.  Make sure to keep you focus on military style ammo bags since these are one of the main sources for the junk types needed to ballistic fibers.

Locations to farm for ballistic fibers:

  1. Camp McClintock
    • Around 5 different military ammo bags, check main building, barracks and shack.
  2. Camp Venture
    • Near porta-potty
  3. Clancy Manor
    • Second floor near workbench and end of walkway
  4. Converted Munitions Factory
    • Second floor
  5. Firebase Hancock
  6. Firebase LT
  7. Firebasse Major
  8. Fort Defiance
    • Check 2nd and 3rd floors for ammo bags
  9. Forward Station Alpha
  10. Forward Station Delta
  11. Monongah Power Plant Yard
  12. National Radio Astronomy Research Center
  13. Spruce Knob
  14. Survey Camp Alpha
  15. The Thorn
  16. Watoga Civic Center

Junk that scraps into ballistic fibers list:
ballistic fiber scrap
  • Military Grade Duct Tape
  • Military Ammo Bag
  • Torn Mothman Wing
Also note: Vendors sell Bulk Ballistic Fiber, try the station vendor at Watoga and see if its listed.

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